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The Ferndale Volunteer Fire Company is always in need of new members to carry out its mission.

Membership in your local volunteer fire company is an excellent way for you to give to your community and help your neighbors and friends. If you are interested in any of the following types of membership, please contact the membership committee using the form below. Our application is available directly below this paragraph and can be submited by attaching it to the web form below.

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Types of Membership for New Members

Regular Responding
Interested in Firefighting and/or Emergency Medical Services? Then, this is the type of membership for you! Members accepted as Regular Responding are at least 18 years of age, in good health, and are willing to complete the initial training that is required to become a "certified" Emergency Responder in Anne Arundel County Maryland. All of the training that you will need will be provided free of charge once you become a member of the company!

During the roughly six months of training you will receive both classroom and practical/hands-on instruction to become a Firefighter I or Emergency Medical Technician. In addition, all members will complete Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), basic operations level training in Hazardous Materials, as well as, Terrorism awareness training.

Non-Voting Regular Responding
This category of membership is for those who are 16-17 years of age. All other details listed for Regular Responding membership and training apply. Upon reaching the age of 18, members of this type apply for and are generally accepted as Regular Responding at that time.

Anyone who has an interest in providing a service to their community, but does not necessarily want to complete the training and/or respond to actual emergency incidents, can become an administrative member with the company. Administrative members assist with a variety of functions within the company. These duties include fund raising events like weekly BINGO and holiday events. Additionally, administrative members can assist with filing, computer data entry, and station up-keep and maintenance. Your training, background, and skills may prove to be a great asset to the company!

As you will learn - a volunteer organization such as ours is always in need of people to help raise funds to support our operations. We are always in search of new members who are willing to bring new ideas and their time to help us to continue to provide the same high level of service that we have over the years.

What benefits do you get from becoming a Volunteer Firefighter?

Community Service
Volunteer fire service members who are still in high school may be able to apply fire department hours to their community service requirement for graduation.

College Credits
The following classes have been evaluated for college credits, successful completion of a class may enable the student to receive credits from their community college or university:

Emergency Medical Technician - Basic: 6 semester hours
Firefighter I: 3 semester hours
Rescue Technician: 3 semester hours

Tuition Reimbursement
Active volunteer or career firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians seeking a degree in fire science or emergency medicine, may be eligible for tuition reimbursement from various scholarship funds administered by the Maryland State Firemens Association (MSFA) Scholarship Committee. For more information on the MSFA Scholarship funds, click the following web link - http://www.msfa.org/content/scholarship.

Length of Service Award Program
Volunteer fire service members that earn 50 Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) points qualify for 1 year of LOSAP credit. Once a member reaches age fifty and has twenty-five years of LOSAP credit, they will receive a monthly LOSAP payment from the county. Active members may also qualify for a State tax credit, as outlined in Maryland's tax code.

Uniforms/Personal Protective Equipment
Uniforms are issued to each active member at no cost to the individual. Additionally, once a volunteer fire service member has successfully passed applicable firefighting or EMT-B training, they will be issued full personal protective equipment (turn-out gear, etc.) at no cost.

All applicants for membership with any volunteer fire company in Anne Arundel County must agree to a criminal background check, a basic physical health screening and initial drug and alcohol screening. A random screening may be conducted throughout one's membership. These requirements apply to all applicants at all fire stations as required and administered by the Anne Arundel County Fire Department.